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Working with B & B

From the very beginning of a project, we will determine the client’s expectations as well as their time and expense parameters. This initial assessment then guides our common-sense strategy and any practical alternatives we need to pursue in order to formulate a plan to achieve the client’s goals. Performance and progress are measured against this plan throughout the course of the project. Using the latest technological advancements in the legal field, we are typically able to respond promptly to the client’s need, regardless of the size of the problem.

Most projects are assigned to a “team” that is directed by a supervising attorney. The team meets on a weekly or more frequent basis to monitor progress, formulate and update strategies, and discuss solutions. This team approach helps us assure that a client’s questions or concerns are addressed effectively and promptly. We regularly review our billings to the client in light of our engagement letter, or any initial estimates or fee quotes, and respond personally and promptly to any client questions or comments.