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Practice Areas


You may know an attorney in our firm or have been directed to contact a particular attorney in our firm through the suggestion of a friend or other contact. If that attorney is experienced in the areas of law related to your legal concern, then he or she may be best suited to handle your need. If not, one or more other experienced attorneys in our firm will meet with you, discuss your legal matter, and determine the suitability of our employment by you to handle your legal concern.

The three most common arrangements in which our attorneys are engaged or hired by our clients are 1) hourly charges or “fee-per-hour,” 2) fixed or “flat fees” or 3) a combination of both. Before you are charged for services, we’ll sit down, assess your legal needs, whether they be representation, document preparation, court proceedings, etc., and come up with the most efficient strategy for your situation. In most cases, Barber & Bartz and the client will sign a written fee agreement or contract.