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Litigation, Mediation, and Dispute Resolution

For centuries lawyers have been called upon and known for their efforts to protect the rights of individuals, families, and business entities.  The lawyer as advocate needs to possess the skills, intellect, thoroughness of preparation, maturity, and tenacity to obtain the most favorable outcome for the client.  Possessing such skills provides the foundation to support the lawyer’s efforts to also negotiate or mediate the dispute on behalf of the client, often producing satisfying results for the client at less cost than judicial proceedings.

Our firm handles a broad spectrum of legal matters that require pursuing or defending legal action through the courts or through negotiation, mediation, or other dispute resolution venues.

Our firm provides litigation service to clients in the construction and manufacturing industry.  We have handled multi-million dollar lawsuits and arbitrations involving construction/manufacturing defects, delay claims, project terminations, and lien disputes.

We are devoted to meeting the needs of employers for effective representation in litigation matters.  We have successfully enforced covenants not to compete and non-solicitation agreements on behalf of employers.  We are also experienced in defending employers in federal and state courts against claims arising from the employment relationships, including breach of contract, trade secrets, workplace torts, and sexual harassment.

The firm also represents several title insurance companies, and is often retained to represent the insured with respect to title insurance claims.  Our firm’s extensive real estate background, coupled with experienced litigators who can skillfully defend and prosecute claims, is the reason why title insurance companies depend on our firm to handle their claims and title curative work in Oklahoma.

For years our law firm has also provided legal services to a substantial number of national consumer lenders in Oklahoma. Such representation has resulted in our firm handling literally thousands of mortgage foreclosure cases. We are able to respond to a broad range of client needs, from assistance with occasional bad debt to collection services and representation of creditor claims in the bankruptcy forum.

Our firm’s litigation team members are prepared in the courtroom due to extensive experience and training, but are mindful of pursuing the ultimate goal for the client—a favorable result at a reasonable cost, both emotionally and financially.

Other examples of the common types of disputes handled by our firm’s attorneys are:

  • Corporate Litigation (including employment matters to shareholder derivative actions)
  • Contractual Agreements (including breach of warranty claims, business and real estate contracts, enforcement of shareholder agreements, franchise agreements, etc.)
  • Personal Injury Claims and Property Damage Claims
  • Products Liability Claims (from both the plaintiff and defendant’s perspective)
  • Fraudulent and Criminal Conduct Litigation
  • Creditor representation in debtor bankruptcies, collections, and foreclosure
  • Disputes Requiring Mediation or Arbitration

Attorneys who concentrate in this practice area: