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Elder Law

One of the “seasons of life” is living during our older years.  Such a time of life has many components, some of which are a wonderful time of recreation, travel, enjoying the grandchildren, and friends.  We also are all aware that our “golden years” may bring many burdens and hardships on ourselves and family members who may be called upon to provide financial assistance and financial protection, as well as health care oversight and decision making.  The term “elder law” has been coined to describe the areas of law that deal with helping an older person, or even a younger one with some type of disability or special need, manage the financial and health care needs with which they are currently faced.  Sometimes it may be necessary to obtain a guardian for an elderly or disabled person.  Planning ahead via a durable power of attorney for financial as well as health care needs may avoid the use and expense of a guardianship and is normally a wise way to plan for one’s possible disability, which can actually occur at any age or season of life.

We have extensive experience in working with elderly and/or disabled individuals , their families and caregivers in seeking solutions to the elder’s needs.  We always endeavor to protect the autonomy and dignity of each client who may be frail, weakened or suffering from a decline in his or her capacity or competency.  We often make “house calls” to accommodate individuals who are not easily able to come to our offices for consultations for legal services.

We also assist families in planning for long-term care needs that may require Medicaid and/or certain Social Security benefits such as Supplemental Security income.  We work with our clients in seeking to protect the maximum amount of assets for the community spouse if the disabled spouse must enter a long term care facility.  Although planning and dealing with these types of needs for an elderly or disabled person can be very time consuming and tedious, we find great personal satisfaction in helping some of the most vulnerable members of our society.

Attorneys who concentrate in this practice area: