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Estate & Trust Administration, Litigation, & Settlement

The process of handling or settling an estate or trust may turn out to be a daunting task, and engagement of counsel experienced in these matters helps produce greater efficiency, reduce client anxiety sometimes associated with a perplexing probate procedure, and provide a cost-effective approach to handling disputes in settling an estate or trust for the purpose of promoting, to the maximum degree possible, a retention of family harmony and minimization of financial loss to the family through the estate or trust settlement process.

Since trusts are often settled without court involvement, we serve as counsel for individual and corporate trustees, in order to bring about a settlement and closing of the trust as efficiently and economically as possible. We have tax expertise to enable us to prepare state and federal estate/inheritance tax returns, if requested by the client. In addition, we can work with our clients’ current CPAs or other tax advisors as a team for the purpose of settling the tax aspects of a decedent’s estate or trust. If tax disputes arise regarding the settlement of an estate, we are equipped to handle appeals and negotiate resolutions with the tax authorities. Due to our many years of experience handling estates and trust settlements, we are able to coach and assist the trustee or executor (personal representative) in walking through the settlement process, including fiduciaries who may be family members who often have little or no experience in settling an estate or trust.

Sometimes conflicts arise between heirs or beneficiaries of an estate or trust, and litigation is necessary to promote fairness and accountability.  Our litigation attorneys are equipped and experienced in dealing with complex trust or estate matters and are able to assist in pursuing or defending a beneficiary’s executor’s or trustee’s interests.

Following are other areas of service we offer involving estate and trust settlements:

  • Post-Death Planning and Tax Minimization
  • Settlement of Estates, Trusts, and Wills
  • Counsel for Executors (personal representatives) and Trustees
  • Probate and Trust Proceedings
  • Decedent’s Estate or Trust Tax Disputes
  • Counsel to Out of State Attorneys Handling “Ancillary” Probate Proceedings
  • Family and Heirs’ Settlement Agreements

Attorneys who concentrate in this practice area: