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Special Needs Trusts

Parents of children with developmental disabilities face unique concerns in attempting to plan for the long term care or assistance to their son or daughter.  There are many complex issues and hurdles the parents face in dealing with supplemental security income (SSI) via the Social Security program, as well as Medicaid services (called “SoonerCare” in Oklahoma).  Often, guardianship needs to be pursued when the child turns 18 so as to protect the child from possible exploitation by others, as well as allowing the parent to maintain a leading role in the educational, health, and financial issues the child faces.  Very careful coordination of public benefit programs along with wise use of parental assets via special needs trusts can provide remarkable long term benefits to a special needs child without interfering with government programs.

Our estate planning and elder law attorneys are trained and experienced to help you plan for the needs and long term care for your special needs son or daughter.  We have the expertise and compassion to understand and appreciate the many emotionally deep apprehensions, as well as the complex and perplexing issues parents must face associated with planning for a disabled child or other family member.

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